Friday, May 7, 2010

Tranquil Moment

Last night I sat down at my piano and just played! I am working on a piece that haunts me a little . . . it doesn't want to resolve. As I composed, emotions washed over me and questions emerged . . . feelings overwhelmed and at times consoled. A quiet, tranquil moment that allowed me to just . . . be. The experience resulted in inspirations; which lifted, liberated, filled, and made my spirit soar. I feel very blessed and humbled by the opportunities, blessings and gifts in my life. I pray all who read can be inspired; to reach for their dreams, believe they can accomplish, and most importantly enjoy the ride!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A place to lay my head!

So it's official, I have a bed and an almost finished room! (need some carpet) I can't tell you the difference in the sleeping. I am content with my life and grateful for my opportunities and blessings. Going through the boxes and clearing out the clutter. It is like purging the soul . . . making so much more room for my future and my goals! My tip for anyone, just focus on one thing at a time . . . even if that one thing is a box. I am really enjoy the crossing things off . . . when they are finished. I am tackling my bucket list the same way. Have a fantastic morning and remember with God's help . . . anything is possible!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Snow White and the Smallest Dwarf

I have been sleeping in the front room, on an inflatable mattress, (Which has a slow leaking hole!) until I finish my bedroom. Great motivation, to hurry up and get it done huh? Having my room done, will give me a haven where I can; hang up my clothes, gather my thoughts, focus on my dreams, or give myself a time out!

Yesterday, I finished painting my walls in my room. I am feeling victorious! Now that I am focused on one mess at a time (my bedroom), I need to determine the next priorities. I came up with these three:
  • I need to organize all the boxes to one side so I can sweep and mop the floor.
  • My fixture will be hung tonight!
  • I need to do a few touch ups on the ceiling, and paint the baseboards white. Then I can caulk around the frame work.

I am literally the luckiest woman in the world! Snow White, (My sister) and one of her 7 dwarfs, came to visit today! My amazing, older sister, came and helped me with one of my needs and one of my wants. It is amazing what two people can accomplish, with one purpose. Snow White, helped me rearrange my front room for a better flow. Next we got the boxes and storage containers organized against one wall in my bedroom!! Now I have room for the fixture to be hung! Did I mention that it is a chandelier!! A gift from an amazing friend! I am so blessed with great family and friends!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ok, time to break it down. I need to organize; myself, my surroundings, my time; spiritually, physically and emotionally.
The first phase, yonder is a mess. Pick a mess and organize it; form it, divide it, and make it pretty! My biggest need is to get my bedroom done this week. My brother's came down and framed the room and dry walled a space for me. Then my neighbor taped and textured it, I have primed it, now all I need to do is paint . . . then my friend, can hang my light fixture for me. When I created steps to the overall goal, the smaller tasks gave me the confidence, I can and will accomplish what I set my cap at!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Creation vs. Clutter

I breath a sigh of relief and consider my quest, to incorporate the template of creation to combat the clutter that surrounds me; mentally, spiritually and temporally. I choose this path in order to gain control over my life; my mind, my heart and my home. To create a haven; of love, order and creativity, for all that enter.

My Time

To gain control of life and accomplish goals, I must take control and responsibility for my time. Being a creative person I feel sometimes distracted and pulled into many different directions, a trait that has kept me from fulfilling my ambitions. I have recognized the value of writing things down, what is important to focus on, in order to accomplish the myriad of tasks throughout my day. It is important to be task oriented, while still being open to subtle impressions and inspirations.